Mar 282017
Coastal Housing Scheme Kerala

Coastal Housing Scheme Kerala – Brief Analysis India is one of the top ranking fish exporting countries in the world. Surrounded by Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bengal, our country has a large coastal area. Kerala is a South Indian state having Arabian Sea as its western border.  In order to improve the life standards […]

Mar 282017
Tirupati Shrine Free Meal Scheme

Tirupati Shrine Free Meal Scheme Sri Vekateswara temple in the Tirupati is world famous holy place; it attracts devotees from all over the world. In order to provide better governance and to offers better service to the devotees “Sri Venkateswara Anna prasadam trust” was started in the year 1984 itself. Tirupati shrine free meal scheme’s […]

Mar 222017

Surcharge on 50 Lakhs + of Income  And just when you thought that the Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP is a pro-rich, pro-business party, the Budget 2017 come up with a completely different tale to tell. Clearly discarding Nehruvian Socialism and Manmohanomics, Modinomics and Jaitleynomics did something that the country needed most. Deficit financing was […]

Mar 222017

Airtel To Offer Financial Products Airtel is diversifying its portfolio of products and services for customers around India. The company is now offering financial products. It is also going to sell insurance and mutual funds in the near future. The company will be looking in the coming year to find various financial products from third […]

Mar 162017
Mudra Loan Available For Fishermen

Mudra Loan Available For Fishermen A new loan scheme has been introduced for fishermen. These include both small and marginal fishermen. The Mudra Loan Scheme will allow small-scale fishermen to get loans for new boats. This is to help them get modernized boats so it will be easier for them to complete their jobs as […]

Mar 112017

RBI Targets Toxic Loans There is an issue plaguing the banking sector which was slowly killing the economy of the country. Yes, we are talking about uncontrolled lending. It seems like the banks have lent relentlessly and this is causing them to accumulate a lot of NPAs. These Non Performing Assets are not generating enough […]

Feb 262017

Aadhaar-based cashless loan disbursal stated by the Bharat Financial By making Aadhaar card as mandatory for majority for social activities, it is easy for the governments to carry their governance operation in ease. More importantly, with help of the bio-verification carried by the Aadhaar card it is ensured that the welfare schemes and benefits reaches […]

Feb 162017

In last two and half years the BJP government has given many opportunities to the youth to start their own business rather than looking out for jobs. To encourage the newly emerged entrepreneurs the government has initiated Stand up India scheme where start-ups will get enough funding for their businesses. Now this year the ministry […]