Apply for KCC Loan mafi in UP by Yogi Sarkar


Apply for KCC Loan mafi in UP by Yogi Sarkar for Laghu and Seemanth)

In his first cabinet meeting Yogi Adityanath decided to waive of rs 1 Lakh loan for farmers in UP. Around 2 crore and 5 Lakh farmers would benefit from this scheme. UP government will have to bear 30 thousand crore for this loan waiver scheme.  More details are still waited. We will update How to apply rs 1 Lakh Loan waive of as soon as it is declared.

Rs 1 Lakh Loan waived off in UP by Yogi AdityaNath

Laghu Kisan :- Are farmers who have less then 2 acre land. Semanth Kisan are farmers who have land less then 5 acres of land.

There are some other schemes that they have announced.

  1. Rs 1 Lakh loan waived of for Small farmers in UP
  2. Minimum Supoort price in UP will be rs 10 more
  3. Illegal Slaughter house will be closed
  4. Police that misuse power in anti romeo squad will be punished.
  5. 5000 wheat buying centers in UP.

Farm Loans to the Tune of INR 36,359 Crores Waived Off by Yogi’s Government

A victory that opposition will have hard time to digest, gave BJP’s Yogi Adityanath the reins of UP. Often considered as a Hindu hardliner, people had worries about Yogi taking control of the most populous state in India. However, once the government led by Yogi came to power, a number of changes started showing up in the state.

After 14 days, Adityanath chaired his first cabinet meeting where several important decisions were taken. However, the most important of all decisions was that of farm loan waiver. The cabinet decided that the government will not ask the marginal and small farmers of UP to return their agrarian loans. There are 87 lakhs such farmers and the government will waive farm loans worth INR 36,359 crores collectively for those 87 lakh farmers.

Interestingly, the UP Government will not be receiving any aid from central government of India. Despite this major hiccup, Adityanath’s government has decided to go ahead with the decisions with one primary condition – loans for individual farmers cannot exceed the mark of INR 1 lakh. This decision actually comes after the Bharatiya Janata Party made a promise during the recent election campaigns that the farm loans will be waived off. Adityanath kept the promise made by the party.

Uttar Pradesh has a large farmer base. 93% of those farmers (in crude numbers – 2.15 crore farmers) are tagged as marginal farmers or small farmers. Of these 93% or 2.15 crore, 86.68 (approximately 87 lakh) farmers will be enjoying the benefits of this decision provided they took out farm loans from banks – private or public.

BPJ Minister Speaks of Kisan Rahat Bonds

Siddharth Nath Singh – a minister of Uttar Pradesh gave a clear statement where he said:

  • The central government is NOT providing any financial assistance to UP government for this decision.
  • The UP government will waive outstanding farm loans to the tune of INR 1 lakh maximum for each farmer for a total of 87 lakhs farmers, who are marginal or small and are incapable of taking out large agrarian loans.
  • This waiver will actually cost INR 30,729 crores to state government exchequer.
  • Another INR 5,630 crores worth of loans of about 7 lakh farmers that fall under loan accounts tagged as NPA (Non-Performing Assets) will see COMPLETE waiver in an attempt to pull in those 7 lakh farmers back into banking net.
  • Because UP Government will not be receiving any fiscal assistance from Central Government in this regard, the state government of UP will raise the necessary money by floating bonds known as “Kisan Rahat”.
  • This move by the government comes under the light of FRBM Act (FRBM is abbreviation for Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management), which specifically spells out that state governments in India should ensure that fiscal deficit never touches or crosses 3% of state GDP.

Samajwadi Party and Congress Openly Criticizes

While this decision from UP Government led by Yogi Adityanath comes as a blessing for farmers, the opposition party members were, as usual, there to criticize to their hearts’ content.

For instance, Akhilesh Yadav – the former CM of UP stated that the BJP had initially promised 100% waiver without setting any kind of limit. Now, the limit set by government makes farmers of UP cheated. He actually tweeted the same. Sunil Singh Yadav – spokesman of Samajwadi Party said that none of PM Modi’s speeches during UP election rallies and not even BJP manifesto anywhere stated for once that INR 1 lakh rupees limit will be set for waiver.

Similarly, Randeep Surjewala – spokesperson of Congress said that BJP made incomplete promise and thereby crushed the hopes of farmers of Uttar Pradesh.

Hopes for 2019 General Elections

It is worth noting that in 2008, Congress-led UPA government gave 100% farm loan waiver, costing the exchequer INR 60,000 crores. The end result was that in 2009, Congress registered a massive win.

Now, the BJP has taken the same stance after Rahul Gandhi – the youth leader of Congress promised the same move during his DDKY or Deoria-Delhi Kisan Yatra. The BJP hopes to win the people’s mandate in upcoming 2019 elections.

UP’s Deputy CM Speaks

Deputy CM of Uttar Pradesh, Mr. Dinesh Sharma stated that after Independence, no Indian state ever took this kind of massive step and this step by UP’s BJP-led government is a glimpse of Ram Rajya and will be etched in history using golden ink.

Even Amit Shah – President of BJP came forward for congratulating Yogi Adityanath for this historic decision.

While briefing the cabinet, Siddharth Sinha stated that since 2014, UP’s farmers have been continuously plagued by natural calamities like hailstorm, drought, floods etc. and this decision of farm loan waiver is just an attempt to give relief to UP’s farmers.

Some Figures

People estimated that Yogi Adityanath’s government would give farm loan waiver to the tune of INR 62,000 crores. Also, in UP, 78% people live in rural areas while 68% are completely dependent on agrarian activities. Farmers in UP registered Per Capita Income growth of an abysmal 1.2% while that of other people in UP experienced Per Capita Income growth of 3.2%.


Of course, BJP government in UP took a big step for the farmers of UP. However, had they didn’t set any limit on waiver, their election readiness for 2019 would have been even more. However, the CM and his cabinet members know about fiscal strength of the state better than us so, for the time being we need to just applaud this decision instead of criticizing. We don’t know what’s there in store for UP population – urban and rural in coming days. We can only hope for the best in days to come because Yogi’s run as CM has just begun and already a number of positive changes have been introduced. Pulling a whole state out of mess is not easy and it takes a great deal of cautious planning and precise implementation to achieve the target. We have to wait.


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